Study Help Essay Questions

1. Discuss the narrative structure of the novel. Why might Morrison have chosen to present the events in a non-chronological way? 2. Write an essay in which you discuss Morrison’s juxtaposing the primer’s Mother-Father-Dick-Jane sections with Claudia’s and the omniscient narrator’s sections. What is the relationship between these three differing […]

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Toni Morrison Biography

Morrison’s father, sharecropper George Wofford, had similar reasons to escape racial oppression in Georgia and relocate in the North. Even there, however, he distrusted “every word and every gesture of every white man on earth.” In contrast, Morrison’s mother, Ramah, a more educated, trusting person than her husband, was a […]

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Character Analysis Pauline

Saddled with an alcoholic husband, a rootless son, and an ugly daughter, Pauline turns to a picture-perfect white family for happiness and fulfillment. Transforming herself into the white family’s “perfect servant,” she becomes Polly, parroting the Fishers’ white attitudes and even consoling the little pink-and-white Fisher girl at the expense […]

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